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Our Story

'Sometimes we have to breakdown, in order to breakthrough.'

Bake yourself better came to life in 2018 after Founder Sarah had been struggling with a diagnosis of PTSD and OCD (Pure O). Sarah tried many different types of exercise, meditation and self-help books to get her through a very uncertain time but nothing quite helped her like baking did. 


After baking her first cake, Sarah finally felt like she had a moment of peace from the noisy thoughts in her mind and also felt a great sense of self-esteem. Later, Sarah was referred to a charity Luminary Bakery, where she was taught how to bake to a professional standard. During this time, Bake yourself better was created and has since grown into a small business that sells baked goods with a very special story behind it. 


Bake yourself better strives to promote mental health awareness, self-love, kindness & hope through hand-decorated delicious baked goods. 

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